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FBI Houston Field Office

Squad Room & Meeting Room 

Houston, Texas

GSA, Design Program for Magistrate Chambers Renovations, Texarcana, Arkansas

GSA, Federal Building 
Tyler, Texas

GSA, Tyler Federal Courthouse

Tyler, Texas

Leland Federal Building 

Houston, Texas

HCC, San Jacinto Building Renovations
Condit Elementary School, LEED
Tenant improvements to existing facility, modifications to existing air distribution systems, HVAC load calculations, new ductwork and new air devices design, specification of additional VAV boxes, new shower ventilation system. 15,500 Sq. Ft. $221,126(MEP). Lead HVAC Engineer.

Roosevelt Elementary School, LEED

FBI Houston Field Office Renovations

Texarkana Federal Courthouse Renovations

Condit Elementary School, LEED

Leland Federal Building Renovations

Tyler Federal Courthouse Renovations