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Houston Community College, San Jacinto Building
Houston, Texas

This project has won the following awards:

​2015 Houston Business Journal Landmark Award: Historic Renovation
2015 TASA/TASB Stars of Distinction Value Award
2015 TASA/TASB Stars of Distinction Sustainability Award
2012 American School and University, “Reborn on The Bayou” Published

Complete 175,000 Sq. Ft. Building Renovation.  Chilled water is obtained from an existing central plant via existing underground chilled water lines capped below grade outside the building. Two variable flow building chilled water pumps with VFDs deliver chilled water the air system. Hot water system is new, consisting of three low temperature (100ºF to 140ºF) boilers (one condensing, two high efficiency non-condensing). Primary hot water circulates through a hydraulic decoupler to two variable flow building hot water pumps with VFDs to the hot water coils. Five dedicated outside air handling units (DOAHUs) with chilled water coils and total energy recovery wheels serve the AHUs. AHUs are single duct VAV with chilled water coil, VFD and high efficiency filtration. Terminal units are fan-powered VAV boxes with hot water coils, ECM motors and built-in sound attenuators. Auditorium gymnasium and stage single zone VAV with VFD, chilled water coil and hot water reheat coil and high efficiency filtration. Unit provides cooling, heating and dehumidification. Stairwell, elevator equipment, main electrical, IDF and MDF rooms are served by single zone, constant volume, with chilled water and hot water coil and high efficiency filtration.

New electrical power distribution system to accommodate all of the campus staff and student requirements to include administrative areas as well as teaching classrooms with state of the art lighting and teacher controls. New standby emergency generator power to serve specific building communications, controls, egress, and elevator systems. New interior and site lighting with lighting control system designed for LEED certification. New fire alarm system to include new fire alarm fixtures and controls.

Fire protection system consisted of an automatic sprinkler system wet pipe type. The system included all required components for complete and workable system including all devices required to interface with fire sprinkler system.General plumbing systems include domestic cold water and hot water provided for all toilet rooms, locker room and shower areas, janitor rooms, and all other areas that require domestic water supply. Domestic water pressure booster system is used to elevate the incoming water pressure to adequate levels to serve the upper floors. Sanitary waste and vent system provided to drain all domestic waste producing fixtures. Storm Drainage consists of primary and overflow drainage systems.