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DeChaumes Elementary School, HISD - LEED
Houston, Texas

HVAC systems consisted of dedicated outside air units with energy recovery wheels; chilled water system with air cooled chillers, zone ai handling units with variable air volume boxes with electric heat for classroom air distribution. Office/Administration air distribution system Library air distribution system, Cafeteria and Kitchen air distribution system were designed as constant volume 4-pipe chilled water/hot water system. Kitchen ventilation system. DDC temperature control system with CO2 and Occupancy sensor controls.  Electrical system included electrical power distribution system, lighting system with low voltage controls with occupancy sensors, PA communication system, building intrusion system, fire alarm system, conduit and outlet distribution system to accommodate information technology. Plumbing systems included sanitary sewer, vent, cold water, domestic hot water, kitchen hot water, kitchen grease sanitary sewer system, gas system, building storm system, building fire protection system.