Condit Elementary School, HISD - LEED Silver

Houston, Texas

This project was a part of the 2012 HISD Bond. The new 83,000sf elementary school features classrooms, collaborative spaces and a ribbon layout that allows each grade to be group together in pods.

This project has won the following awards:

2017- 2018 Caudill Class Winner

AIA Fort Worth Merit Award

TASA/TASB 4 Stars of Distinction

The two story elementary school HVAC system consists of 2 systems.  A Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) system is the primary heating and cooling system for all areas except the Dining and Multipurpose areas.  These systems are combined with a dedicated 100% outside air rooftop units (DOAU) to provide the pretreated/dehumidified ventilation air independently from the VRV system directly into the classrooms areas.  DOAU are equipped with internal exhaust air energy recovery wheels and gas heat.  The DOAU also use hot gas reheat coils and are designed to deliver neutral air to the building during occupied hours.

The Dining and Multipurpose areas will utilize high efficiency inverter compressor packaged rooftop units with outside air directly introduced at the rooftop and equipped with energy recovery wheels. 

These rooftops will include hot gas reheat coils for dehumidification when required.  The core design concept intends to provide a high efficiency system to meet the LEED energy efficiency requirements while providing adequate means for humidity control and individual zoning for occupant comfort.  Design included Kitchen Ventilation system, DDC temperature control system with CO2 and Occupancy sensor controls. Electrical system included electrical power distribution system, lighting system with low voltage controls with occupancy sensors, PA communication system, building intrusion system, fire alarm system, conduit and outlet distribution system to accommodate information technology.  Plumbing systems included sanitary sewer, vent, cold water, domestic hot water, kitchen hot water, kitchen grease sanitary sewer system, gas system, building storm system, building fire protection system.

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